A week loosely based on KickA$$ challenge complete :)


Hey guys! I did it! Sort of. 4 out of 5 challenge days complete. At a very random and strange pace. I started early, on Saturday, with Day 1. Then got distracted. Then I did Day3+Day2 on Wednesday. Followed by yet another 3-day "rest" (the "I just don't wanna" kind). I thought I had given up on the challenge. I wasn’t quite feeling like myself until today when I started reading posts in this community and got pumped up. Decided to skip Day4 (already know that workout, did it recently) and jump to the kickboxing Day5, a video I never tried before. Liked it!

And the best part of it all is that I’m finally home again, with my dumbbells and my SNEAKERS! Oh the joy! I think I could get used to bodyweight training if I had to, but never EVER to working out barefoot. I’m just not that type, I know that now.

My favorite day of the challenge was Day1, the kickboxing video with Kelli. A very dear new favorite. One thing I discovered about my kickboxing preferences is that I like both sides done in the same interval so that there is that hop when switching sides (otherwise I don’t get enough cardio because my feet don’t move like Daniel’s while I’m on one side).

Congrats to everyone who kicked butt or is still kicking, and thanks Kim for putting the challenge together!