I actually finished some 10 hours ago (Thursday morning), but needed my top kickboxing model for the photo.

I didn't mean to finish so early! I started on Sunday because I was likely to miss a few days, then work ended up being pretty minimal, so I didn't take any days off.

What an awesome challenge!! Thank you, Kim! I enjoyed every minute (though with reservations about day 4, which I'll post in the check in). And was it Callie?? - I'll do the other two weeks with you anytime.

I've recently been doing FB Abs R2 - just one day to go. This morning (day 5) I took a video of one kickboxing group to check my form, and my abs looked seriously amazing. So there you go, another recommendation for that program. Our maybe kickboxing just makes your abs look extra awesome? Either way, I'll take it!

However, my model still looks cuter in photos.