Daily Check-in: Wednesday, October 10th & KICK A$$ COMMUNITY CHALLENGE DAY 3!!

Hello Blenders!

I don't know about you guys, but I definitely need a little "umph" to get through today haha.

So. Are you ready to kick even more a$$ today?

I hope so! Because it's Day 3 of our Kick A$$ Community Challenge, and surprise, surprise! It's another kickboxing workout! Here's the link to today's workout:

Day 3: Kickboxing & Core: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/cardio-kickboxing-and-abs-workout-kickboxing-for-stress-and-cardio-benefits

Just a reminder about this Kick A$$ Community Challenge: it will last until about Friday, October 12th, and is primarily focused on kickboxing workouts! And if you are too sore to complete a workout, please don't worry! Take a rest day if you need to, or swap the workout for something else that'll work for you! Don't push through it if you are sore! You won't "ruin" anything by taking an extra rest day if you need to!

Post right here in the comments below once you've officially got your #KickA$$WorkoutComplete and share how liked this workout! And just in case, here's another look at what our workout schedule will look like for this entire Challenge:

Kick A$$ Community Challenge Option #3 (about 30-50 minutes/day)

Day 1: Kickboxing & Upper Body Strength Training: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/upper-body-workout-cardio-kickboxing-strength-and-cardio-workout

Day 2: Lower Body Strength Training: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/build-a-booty-workout-strength-and-pilates-workout-for-butt-and-thighs

Day 3: Kickboxing & Core: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/cardio-kickboxing-and-abs-workout-kickboxing-for-stress-and-cardio-benefits

Day 4: Low Impact Cardio & Bodyweight Strength: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/low-impact-cardio-and-total-body-toning-workout

Day 5: Kickboxing & Lower Body Strength Training: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/cardio-kickboxing-and-lower-body-strength-workout

Remember to always take the workouts at your own pace, and if anything feels to difficult or too sore, then don't do it! This is meant to be fun and motivating, not to risk injury! And if you need an extra rest day thrown in there, then please take one! It's all about making this Challenge work for you personally! So do what you need to, be safe, and have fun!!

Also, if you'd like, once you complete this Challenge, I think it would be cool if we celebrated in a way similar to the 1000 Calorie Workout Party we had a while back. Where you create a post, with optional picture (maybe of an arm flex, thumbs up, sweaty shirt, "Workout Complete" screen, etc.), titled "#KickA$$WorkoutComplete" and we can all celebrate by flooding the forums with our #CommunityChallengeCompletes! This is totally optional, and just an idea--not at all mandatory, but it is something fun to do (in my opinion)! *Note that if you want to post a pic, you do have to create a new post each time. Otherwise, you can still create new post with just text to celebrate, or you can comment on that day's check-in too! Only if you want to though!*

Alright, I'm combining the Daily Check-ins with the Kick A$$ Check-ins just to save a bit of time! So feel free to post with your #WorkoutCompleteForK&D or #KickA$$WorkoutComplete or both on here!

So, now whether or not your taking part in the Challenge: how are you all doing today? Are you working out today, or are you resting?

My #WorkoutCompleteForK&D is Day 3 of this Challenge! I love this particular kickboxing workout! It always flies by for me (in a good way).

And what about some good meals for today Blenders?

I'm not sure what I'm making yet. But my husband had been discussing red beans & rice last night, so maybe that's what we're gonna have tonight!

What about you guys? What's on the menu for today?

And a quick note to any of our Blenders in the Florida/Southeastern U.S. area: Please stay safe! Hurricane Michael seems intense, and potentially life-threatening-- so please, take care of yourselves, your families, and your pets; and we hope you come out this unscathed. We're hoping for your safety throughout the entirety of this storm.

Well Blenders. I hope you all have a kick a$$ Wednesday! Thanks so much for checking in with me, and I hope you'll bring that little bit of "umph" to your day today!