Self neglect and lack of motivation

Hello FBlenders! I want to discuss something that has been making me feel really bad. So, I have this thing that from time to time I lose any motivation and stop doing anything that makes me happy (drawing-painting, working out, doing yoga or meditation) for long periods.. I 've purchased FBstrong and I 've completed the first 5 days perfectly and I loved all 5 of them, I felt great, powerful and motivated. Then I skipped 1 day and postponed it for the next one, then the next and the next and now I haven't worked out since 4 days in a row.. Neither have I done yoga. I 'm basically just sitting in front of screens, just pointlessly passing my time. I 'm trying to fit in workouts in the mornings before I go to work but I lose so much time just sitting and checking social media (I 'm in our local group for helping strays in facebook and I 'm constantly worrying that someone will need help and I won't see it). I know that it's an excuse that I don't have time because I 'm sure there are so many busy people that have a family, demanding job, house chores etc and I have almost nothing of those, so I guess I 'm just lazy and I neglect so much myself that it makes me even more unmotivated and lazy, because I feel like a failure. Is there anyone like me out there? How do you find a meaning in your life and a purpose to even try, when there is nothing interesting enough in your life to make you happy to wake up every morning, when you live in a small unteresting town, interacting with the same people every day, making the same conversations and doing boring things? Sorry for the depressive vibe of my thread btw 😬