I just want to thank you all!

Thank you guys, i got a lot of support in a post yesterday, and i really wasn't expecting it. I was thinking i will just post to get my thoughts out.

People took the time to not only read, but offer serious advice and help and support!

You all got me really excited and kinda kicked my brain right back on track.

I feel super optimistic! I woke up and started the day with a short workout that was on the schedule of FB Mass that i had abandoned on my calendar since last Wednesday. It was only 20 minutes, but after the first 10 minutes i stopped following Kelly (doing abs-sorry Kelly!) and was doing my own thing with Jumping Jacks and butt kickers and more jumping! I felt so nice i had the energy to jump so much!!!!!!!

1. My weight loss is not much but it IS a start to better habits.

2. I didn't go down a size in clothes but i had gotten to the point were i couldn't wear them! Now they fit better than before!

3. My ass is still pretty huge but its pointing the ceiling and not the floor (haha). My legs and core are defined.

4. I can eat foods i love and its fine! I can control my portions.

5. I DO need carbs to have energy for workout!!!

6. I like how this whole eating healthier, made me want to discover new foods and brainstorm new combos and stuff i might enjoy.

7. I'm happy with myself. Even though i get frustrated some times, i do not go back to old habits. I try to do the best out of the situation i am in. I wish a had a more active job. I'm forced to be sitting for 9 hrs with not break. But hopefully it will change soon.

To close this: I think i just needed a break. And maybe some support/feedback. Also when your legs get too sore, you really can't even do cardio, every workout involves legs.


(wow i feel like i'm on drugs? :X)