Progress from FB30 2 Rounds in

Hi all,

Today I finished my second round of FB30 and I took some photos to compare to my before photo. I absolutely loved FB30 and have just bought FB30 round 2, I can't wait to jump in!

I've lost 25lbs so far, I still have about 15lbs to go to reach my goal weight but it's an exciting challenge and I know that I'll get there!

I started my first round of FB30 back in April, then my family came to visit and I got a bit off track in June & July. Luckily I still tried to eat a healthy diet so I didn't gain weight over that period. I then started FB30 again in August and just finished today.

I have now become a person that craves my workouts and I even shocked myself by working out every day during a recent beach holiday. It's my destress time and seeing that workout complete on the screen is the best feeling!

Myself and my husband meal prep lunches and dinners for the week during the weekend, this has helped us to eat healthy, delicious foods. I also use My Fitness Pal app to track my calories. It has taught me so much about portion control and foods that are supposedly healthy and aren't.

Good luck everyone on your own fitness journeys!