Pregnancy Cardio Workouts

Hi all

I've been with FB for a number of years now and have been working out regularly - mostly I do HIIT/AB workouts with them and strength train on my own.

I've just found out I'm pregnant with our 2nd child and am keen to continue working out. With my 1st child I felt too rough to work out in the first trimester and then just did some of the low impact workouts in the rest of my pregnancy, but I always really struggled with trying to think of what exercises I could do when I encountered one that wasn't suitable in a video.

This time around I'd like to try and maintain my fitness levels a bit more (subject to morning sickness!). I know the general rules to what I can/cannot do whilst pregnant so I was after some specific video recommendations. With a toddler to look after I don't have time to spend ages browsing the FB videos for suitable ones and most of my go-to workouts aren't suitable. I also hate having to think on the fly and modify an exercise - I always run out of ideas!

Does anyone have some specific FB cardio videos that they can recommend?