Workout and diet

I'm a teenager girl and I have some fat on my body. I workout almost for 2 years and there was a time when I had a diet but now I don't. I love to eat. The main problem is that I love sweets and we generally always have some snacks at home, so somehow I always eat something of them.

And even if I'm not hungry, a have this feeling 'ooh , I should eat something' . And this is so bad. I have big thighs and butt and I feel so uncomfrontable when I'm in school or just walking on the street because the only thing is which I can think about when I'm with others that I'm fat and they aren't. But I always want to eat most of the time.

And I always decide I won't eat junk foods but it lasts for 1-2 days,max.3. I'm very unhappy because of this, but I always break my rules,and then I feel bad.

I workout usually 4-5 times a week, on 4-5 difficulity, and I love it but I know this isn't enough.

I want to learn how to moderate myself to be healthy and to feel good.

Could you give me some advice,please?