I gave up...

...but it's okay!

Today I had planned to do a workout. I hadn't scheduled anything in advance, and just figured I would pick something that sounded good once I got home from school. Long story short, I didn't get a ton of sleep last night, and therefore felt exhausted all day today. I went for a 25 minute walk between classes which made me feel a bit better, but I was still so unmotivated to get myself moving when I got home.

Nevertheless, I changed into a tanktop and some leggings, worked on a little homework, and then went to start my workout...and everything fell apart. I had decided to go for a run/jug on the treadmill, but got five minutes in and felt incredibly bored. Then I tried finding a video that I wanted to do, but couldn't find anything and decided to try the treadmill again. I got ten minutes in this time before giving up. So then I decided a leg workout would have to do, and got about 10-15 minutes into the video before bursting into tears.

It might seem pathetic to share this experience with you guys, but I wanted to for a reason. It's OKAY to give yourself permission to skip a workout. It's OKAY to take an unscheduled rest day. Your body literally won't change at all. You won't gain five pounds, you won't lose all your muscle, and most likely, you'll actually end up feeling a whole lot better after giving your body time to relax. Being "dedicated" is important, but forcing yourself to workout when your body is screaming at you to stop just seems wrong to me.

So I'm going to use my free time to study for upcoming tests, work on homework, do some stretching, cook myself a nice dinner, and watch some of my favorite TV show. And even though I'm pretty sure I'll feel kinda guilty for "skipping," I'll still be getting in my five workouts this week, and I'm proud of myself for putting my health and mental sanity first.

Hope you've all had a great day, Blenders!