Mental tricks that help make exercise a habit


Blenders are always looking for ways to get and stay motivated to exercise. I came across this article on "6 Mental Tricks That Help Make Exercise a Habit," by Brianna Steinhilber, on The tips are

1) Start with mini workouts. "It's easier to convince yourself to do something for 5-10 minutes than 30." This worked for me.

2) Trim down your goals. Make them more attainable. When you reach them, you can set new ones. This worked for me too.

3) Go the flow. Have a plan B in mind, if something goes wrong with plan A. Such as, if you're too late for an exercise, do 20 minutes on a treadmill instead.

4) Make skipping a workout a conscious decision. This one is interesting. "Put your gym bag and yoga mat on your couch, so that before you sit down to watch TV after work, you have to consciously decide to not exercise, and physically move your workout gear off the couch to sit down. Some other ideas are: put your workout clothes on before you leave the office so that you have to choose to take them off without exercising, or leave your sneakers or gym bag sitting somewhere front and center so you have to make the conscious choice to leave them there."

5) Don't get pigeonholed into one type of workout. This is where FB helps, with a variety of cardio and resistance workouts, pilates, etc.

6) Forget the "all or nothing" mentality. This was a big one for me. We are often "totally in or totally off the wagon" when it comes to diet or exercise. Better to "reframe the way we think about our health, as being individual opportunities to make a healthy choice."

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