intermittent fasting: week 1

Pure check-in.

So, after a lot of research (done primarily by my partner) we decided to try intermittent fasting for 4 weeks. Long enough to see what sort of impacts it would have on our bodies. We are also about to finish up week 6 of FB 30, which is the first 8 week program we have attempted.

Week 1 went as you'd expect, we had some set backs, and have since adjusted our eating time. If you are not familiar with this, it's basically just narrowing the window of time that you consume food/nutrients to a smaller window (the exact times of which vary greatly; some are 10 hr windows, some 8, some even less). We are attempting an 8 hour window: first meal at noon, last meal ends at 8pm. This, we felt, was reasonable for our work schedules and would be the same on week days as on weekends; consistency is the key to ensuring sustainability.

We were looking for other ways to help us get into our goal bodies (I refrain from numbered weight goals because that number doesn't necessarily align with what I want my body to look like) and simply working out wasn't making the visual impact we'd hoped for. So, along with modifying our diet, we are modifying our eating window, all while still keeping up with our regular workouts. After 1 week, I can say that I actually feel good! No grandiose changes have occurred, but I wouldn't expect that. It's not a miracle, it's hard work and dedication to a sustainable life that I'm looking for.

Looking for possible suggestions on the next 8 week challenge! FB 30 has been great, but we might be ready for something more intense!