Kick A$$ Community Challenge


Hello FB Family!

So we voted last week on having a Kickboxing oriented community challenge the week of Monday, October 8th, through Friday, October 12th. And I finally got around to putting a few different options together!

So it would be unrealistic to have a full 5 days straight of kickboxing (not to mention bad to keep working those same muscles so many days in a row!), so I tried to schedule each option with 3 alternating days of kickboxing. I have different time frames and set-ups for each option, and tried to keep in mind which muscle groups might be sore vs what muscle group we'd be working each day. On the two non-kickboxing days, I tried to select workouts that would not overwork sore muscles, and that would fit in to the time-frame of that particular option.

So in the comments below, I'll put each 5 day option for the Kick A$$ Community Challenge. Hit the "Like" button on which option you like, and the one with the most "Likes" will be the winning schedule of our Kick A$$ Challenge! I'll leave the voting "open" until Tuesday to allow as many Blenders to vote as we can!

Just a few notes: if you have different options you'd like to see, or different workouts you'd like included, please speak up! We have a whole week before this Challenge, so let's fine tune it together!

Also, no matter what workout option gets selected for this Challenge, please do not push through it if you are too sore. This is meant to be fun, motivating, and yes, challenging too---but you should not risk injury if it's too much for you. It doesn't matter if you want to substitute a different workout, skip it altogether, or take an extra rest day---you can still join in, and make it work for you!

And finally, when we complete our Kick A$$ Challenge on or around Friday, October 12th, I think it would be cool if celebrated similarly as our 1000 Calorie Workout Party---so some kind of pic (maybe a thumbs-up, arm flex, sweaty shirt, Workout Complete screen) or post titled "Kick A$$ #WorkoutComplete" so we can celebrate everyone's accomplishments! This is totally optional though, and not at all required--just something for fun if you want to do it!

Alright, so the options for the Kick A$$ Community Challenge will be listed below! Vote on your favorite, and we'll all get started with it on Monday, October 8th!

Thanks FB Family! And I hope you can join in!