My absence and trying to start again

Hello FB family!

It's been a while for me... I read the front page every day but haven't posted anything in a couple of months. I've fallen off the wagon and now I'm trying to climb back on.

During the summer I clocked 10-15k steps per day at work so I have been keeping up general fitness but I couldn't make myself pick up weights or do a bodyweight HIIT after work. I didn't see a single workout complete screen in July and August, and now in September I have seen only two. I've been missing it but I've also been super comfortable not doing anything super strenuous. It's a strange complicated relationship I have with fitness. My body misses it but my mind is like "nah, later". And I listen to the latter.

Anyway, I'm back to working part-time now since I just started my masters year at uni two weeks ago. I have so much more time to do workouts now so I'm trying very hard to get back into the mindset that allows me to do them easily, without thinking, like it used to be.

I'm sure there's also irony somewhere that my masters thesis will be about educating health practitioners to adopt a new philosophy to promote nutrition and physical activity to clients, when I'm literally sitting in front of my PC hours upon hours writing it up and trying my hardest to keep up physically, mentally and nutritionally. "The Cobbler's children have no shoes" must apply here, right?!

Thank you if you read this far, I know this was a ramble. Writing clears my mind and I know there are others out there who have been right here with me. Hope you're all well and I PROMISE to check out more often from now on. :) Much love.