I completed a half marathon!


So I found FB around 3 years ago. It has been a consistent part of my life since then and I haven't been sedentary since. A year ago I got the crazy idea that I wanted to start running...so I signed up for a 5k. Then another one.

This summer my friend wanted to run in a full marathon so I signed up. I did the entire training program and managed to make it 23 miles out of the 26.2 before having to quit. I was a bit let down, and getting back into HIIT was hard since running doesn't tax your muscles in the same way. After getting back into HIIT I ended up signing up last minute for a half marathon...was the best race I have ever done. I've signed up for 2 more!

Any other goal setters out there? I'm just writing this post to put off a particularly brutal HIIT and lower body strength workout...hahaha.