FB Fit results

It's taken me a bit of time to work up the courage to post my progress pics, but I thought that if even one person is motivated by them, then it's worth it!

I recently completed an old pdf version of FB Fit that I purchased back in 2014 (and hadn't actually done yet. Better late than never, right?) I spent the first half of this year hunched over my laptop writing my master's thesis and stress-eating, and when I was done, I felt like a bloated, sluggish version of myself.

So I dug out the pdf, and I am so happy with the results! I feel stronger and more comfortable in my body, and I like the changes I can see too. My new favorite thing is what I call my line. It's hard to see in the pictures, but I circled it in the last one. ;) I have this little line on my abdomen! I've never had that before! It's not a 6 pack, but I adore it, and I'd be perfectly satisfied if that's all the visual abs I ever got.

My weight barely changed over course of the program. I think I lost about 5 lbs, but the shape of my body changed, which is more important to me. So that's a big take-away from my first FB program: the number on the scale really doesn't matter as much. I've stopped weighing myself obsessively, and I feel more relaxed in general about my body image. My new goal for myself is to focus less on visual changes and more on what my body can do: trying to keep up with those 5/5 workouts, figuring out kick-throughs, doing more push-ups from my toes instead of knees, etc.

The first pictures are before starting the program, and the middle ones are at the end of it. (You'll notice I took 10 weeks because I repeated the first 2 weeks; I was so out of shape when I started.) The last column of pictures is actually the before pictures of FB Fit Round 1, which I started last week, and after a 2 week break. Somehow I look slightly better, I think. I don't know if it's because my body just needed a break, hormones, camera angle/lighting, after-burn from a raised metabolism, what I ate the night before... So that's another lesson learned! My appearance fluctuates day by day due to a number of factors. Also, I can take a break without totally going back to square one. Again, my new goal is to focus on and reward myself for effort, not results.

If you're on the fence about buying a program, I can't recommend it enough. Like many people here, I've tried a lot of different fitness routines over the years, including HIIT and strength-training, but I've never had results like these before. Kelli and Daniel really know what they're doing when they put these programs together! If you have the time for it, FB Fit definitely gave me the results I wanted.

Can I say #ProgramCompleteForK&D?