Weight Loss Weirdness

Hi everyone!

I haven't introduced myself but my name is Lis and I've been doing FitnessBlender workouts for going on four years now. At the end of college (2014) I was 185 pounds at 5'7", so a bit overweight. FB and cutting out a lot of carbs helped me lose 30 pounds by April 2015, and I kept it off pretty well until this past year. Though I haven't changed my eating/exercise habits all that much, I'm up to 175 pounds and am uncertain how to get started on losing weight again. I'm going to restart an 8 week program at the beginning of the year and am training for a half marathon, and will be more strict about limiting carbs, but does anyone have any other suggestions? I also have felt a little down as I noticed the number on the scale about a month ago and have been cognizant about it ever since, but my weight is still gaining despite my attempts to eat healthy and workout often. Does weight sometimes gain before it loses? Thank you in advance! :)