secret FB confessions ;-)


here are mine:

1) I frequently talk to / sometimes shout at the screen:

"but that was already 3 rounds, I don't want to do this again!"

"20 seconds is not a nice long break"

("If you want to make it harder") - "ha ha - no"

("I'm using 25 per hand for this one") - "cool, I'm using 5"

2) Half the time my active rest isn't really active. ;o)

3) I never do single leg deadlifts or an inside thigh stetch, just because no.

4) I always put away my mat or weights before the cool down, because it belongs to the work part.

5) I would never dream of putting Kelli or Daniel on mute. (Even though, I mostly do my own stretching routines, I still let them talk in the background.)

How about you?