A Birthday #WorkoutCompleteforK&D!


Hey guys!

Today's my 19th birthday, and my #WorkoutCompleteforK&D to celebrate is going to be......a nice, leisurely walk with my mom & then a movie night complete with a nice dinner and (potentially) some vegan ice cream!

As much as I had originally wanted to and planned to workout today, I realized this morning that I'd just rather spend the day celebrating with my family. I could realistically squeeze in a workout if I tried hard enough, but I think I'd rather forgo all the stress that would cause and just spend the day relaxing. I will admit that it freaks me out a little bit, knowing that this'll be the first week since March that I haven't worked out intensely at least five days. However, I'm also really proud of myself for putting myself first--more proud than I could ever be for being "committed" and forcing myself to do an hour on the stationary bike when I could be spending time with the people I love. After all, I know for sure I'll be back to my normal schedule tomorrow, and taking an extra day off will probably do more good than bad.

I'm also trying my hardest to not track my food intake today so I can focus less on calories and more on enjoying myself. It's super tempting to write everything down and calculate how much more I "can" eat, but I know my time could be spent much more wisely elsewhere, so I'm resisting the urge.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you (especially Daniel and Kelli) for having such a huge impact on the last year of my life. Just in the past six months or so, I've managed to lose thirty pounds, change my mindset on fitness, create a workout schedule that works for me, and start eating A LOT healthier, and it's all thanks to you guys! I appreciate you all and this community so much more than I could ever explain.