Progress so fat


Posting as others’ progress inspires me, so thought I’d share.

I started Fitness Blender end of March, with the low impact program and I’m now on 2nd round of FB30 version 3 with a 4 week break thrown in there.

I’m wearing the same pants in the pictures. In May they were skin tight, and I never wore them. Now, they’re getting baggy and I might need to size down soon. I’m pretty sure I’m at about the same weight when I bought them a few years back, but I think they fit better. Fitness blender is changing my body shape.

I’m 44 and take thyroid medication. I also follow 16:8 intermittent fasting, so have an 8 hour eating window. It’s helped reduce snacking and gives me a calorie deficit. I’ve lost 20lbs since I started in March. I’ve got a goal for my upcoming birthday, then 2 more goals for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Slowly, slowly getting there. I keep reminding myself it’s going to take time, but this is first time in my life I feel I can reach my goals. I’m going to be fitter at 45 than anytime in my life, Fitness Blender is life changing!