Daily Check-in: Tuesday, September 18th


Hello Blenders!

How are you all doing today?

Are you sore from yesterday's workouts?

And are you working out today, or are you resting?

I'm getting my #WorkoutCompleteForK&D with a kickboxing routine with Kelli today! Can't go wrong with some kickboxing!

What about some good food today, Fellow Blenders?

I'm thinking about maybe some chili, or maybe something with a lot of broccoli or tomatoes or both, or something quick and easy....I'm not sure yet!

What about you guys? What's on the menu for today?

Well Blenders, I apologize for the very brief and straight-forward check-in today, but it's gonna be a busy one here! I hope you all have a lovely day, and thanks for checking in with me!