My New Goal


Hi everyone! ☺ I used to weigh 60 kilograms. I did not exercise and I always eat junk and processed foods. I never gained weight no matter how much I ate until during my college days. I was shocked and never expected for it to happen that's why I decided to change my lifestyle last June 2016. I was so desperate to lose weight that I applied the Military Diet for a month and I workout during weekdays. My weight dropped to 52 kg. However, despite reaching my goal, I always felt unhappy and weak because I did not eat rice for almost a year (it's a staple food here) and strictly avoided junk and processed foods (except during cheat days on either Saturday or Sunday). Others were saying that I looked sick because of how I drastically got thin. It was until August 2017 that I came across Fitness Blender on Youtube. I started randomly exercising videos from their channel and added a little food on my meals. I wanted to gain weight a bit that I almost came back to my old eating habits. I didn't have any goal anymore until yesterday. I decided to get in shape. I want to put more meat in my body in a healthy way. I want to have a healthy lifestyle.

I chose exercises that targets my certain body parts on specific days. Please give an advice or comment on how I can achieve this. Also, how were you able to control your cravings? I don't want to go back to my old eating habits nor deprive myself too much with it. Thank you very much! ☺ Image attached is my progress so far.