I need to eat more...


About 3 years ago I got down to my healthy weight of 125 lbs using myfitnesspal (I'm 5'4", 62 yrs old). Ever since, though, I've had problems consuming enough calories to get the most out of my workouts (ie Building muscle, etc). Right now it's difficult for me to eat even 1500 cal in a day; I'm just not hungry most of the time). Yet my energy levels are quite good. Too often I could easily get so busy that I just forget to eat. My body won't tell me it needs food until I start to feel shaky. I should have put on some wgt by now, with all the FB programs I'm doing. But I'm still at 125lbs (albeit with some muscle definition I never had before).

With that said, I just purchased a FB Meal Plan, hoping to be able to consume each day's allotted number of calories. I can't count on myself to be vigilant on my own, so having this eating plan show up on my workout calendar will be a daily reminder to fuel my body regularly (and in a healthy way). I'm targeting only 2000 cal a day for now and will work up to 2400 eventually. Forks up! 🍎🧀