#EatRealFood in different culture and ethnicity


Some weeks ago there was some discussion here about real food in different culture and ethnicity.

Ethnically I am a Bengali. It's the large population lives in my country Bangladesh and the two of the neighboring states in India. Being the part of the biggest delta of the world where all the major rivers of Himalayas reach the sea, Bangladesh has a long rich history of river fish and vegetables based cuisine. So I decided to introduce you guys to some of them.

When 8 years ago I first came to Europe, I was taken by surprise to see the lack of leafy vegetables. There is one that you have a lot but you don't eat it usually- pumpkin leaves! The upper photo is the pumpkin leaves cooked with shrimps (ideally should be fresh water shrimps), onions and garlic along with few spices like turmeric and green chilly. It's cooked very lightly so that the leaves are still crunchy enough to keep its nutrition. It's really delicious! You can add rice or bread as side dish with it.

The lower photo is the calabash/bottle gourd (I am not sure which name is used in English!) and shrimp curry. Very light and yummy. Again goes very well with rice.

That's all for today. #EatRealFood

P.S. Cooking and photo courtesy to my great "chef level" sister. I am just a great eater! 😋