Post Labor Day Celebration Meal


Hey guys! #AndrewComplete mentioned something about taking pictures of my Labor Day dinner, and about a few sips into my homemade beer, I remembered that request.. So, here are my pics from yesterday which was not Labor Day, but it rained so much on that day, we had to cancel.

So we decided to do the grill out plan the following day, which was yesterday. It was a busy day, and it still rained as you can probably see in the top left picture, but not as bad as the day before--so with an umbrella in hand, we went ahead with the beer and burger plan. It was perfect and delicious. The hamburgers were deer meat (that we ground ourselves) with beef fat mixed in. Very yummy. The buns are homemade, and there is some onion on that burger that you can't see, but I grew from seed last year in the garden. Pair it with the homemade beer and it was pretty heavenly :)

All in all, a great meal/day!