Dine at Home: Quinoa Pasta w/ Mackarel


When I was trying to think of another challenge for us to do, together, I found that I didn’t know enough about where everyone was in their journey to come up with something accurste. And, I realized that the sugar detox challenge was born out of a personal goal of mine that I was fortunate enough to share with you all. Training myself to dine at home consistently has been on my to-do list for a looong time. So, in being true to my goals and progressing in this journey, I’ve decided this is the next challenge for me, though everyone and anyone is welcome! I am so pleasantly surprised by those of you (almost everyone who commented) who already rarely eat out. 😱 You are my heros!

I so appreciate the support even though this challenge is nuanced and doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone. I hope this still serves as a way to stay connected 😊

Yesterday I made pasta and added quinoa and canned mackarel. It was delicious! And, there is enough pasta and quinoa for leftovers. I also had vegetables and a couple filling snacks (nuts and beef jerky) later in the day.

I was tempted to stop and pick up tea and boba (tapioca) as a reward for dining at home, but the point is to train myself to stop the urge to always BUY something. I don’t know what this urge is, but I’m sure I’ll get to the bottom of it over the course of this challenge! ☝🏽

To my fellow Americans, I hope your Labor Day (holiday yesterday) was restful and pleasant!

Ps: I substituted the cardio in this routine for a variety of pushups and it really kicked up the intensity!

Peace, Blenders