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Wake up and workout

Hello All. I have always been a very early rise type of person. I am new to this workout thing and have been following FB for about 6 weeks now and I am only 1 week into one of the trial programs. I get up around 5:00 am and get right on my workout. I keep my glass of water handy but I do not eat until I am on my way to work or at work My at work meal tends to be about 1.5 hours after working out and is usually a bowl of instant oatmeal. Outside of the newbie workout weakness i don't feel I have any real trouble with my workouts. I also follow up with yoga to centre myself for the day. Is it terrible that I do not eat before I workout? I work 10-12 hour days in a pet clinic and by the time I am home I am drained and usually relax before be at 9:00 pm. My healthy eating is a work in progress. I have good weeks an bad but I pretty much cut all dairy out due to personal reasons and I and working on the sweets. I hope that I am not doing it all terribly wrong. Any suggestions/advice? Thanks a Bunch! Namaste!