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Lower Body Shaping & Mass building

Hey guys, I need some tips about how to organize my lower body days in the most efficient way to gain size & shape. I have completed the fbbooty programs various times and I am trying to build my own schedule. Now I am doing a brutal strentgh training every third day, I mean I let my lower body to rest 72 hours every time. My personal workouts look like this aproximately.

thrust to abduction 5x6

bulgarian lunges 3x10

kneeling leg raises 4x12

Wide pulse squats 5x6

inner raises + pulses 3x45s

side lunges 3x10

squatted side walking 3x45s /weighted or not/

Fire hydrants 4x15

I usually lift from 9 to 12 kgs on different exercises, plus I add some FB HIIT 15 or 10 min workouts on the end to fatigue my muscles.

The interesting thing here is that after 48 hours my muscles aren't sore anymore or they are but just a little bit. My question is if it would be better /for building size and shape(!)/ to cut the rest periods and do my lower body workouts when the muscles are still just a lil bit sore? I hope I expressed right what I am thinking. I would be grateful if someone gives me advice about this.

PS. Please don't comment if you are not quite sure your info is safe & helpful, thank you.