Come on Now!

Today was a good day, Blenders.

Started out with some paddle boarding (and serious sweating!), then breakfast tacos and a couple of Lone Stars, followed by some wine shopping.

Of course, all I could think about was Day 5 of the Strong & Lean challenge. Needed to get that done!

So, we cut our shopping short, rushed home, and I knocked it out...sweating all over the place. And - for some reason getting excited every time Kelli said, “halfway done” - somehow thinking she meant with the whole routine, not the one exercise we were currently doing.

I started to get mad that she didn’t mean REALLY halfway done. Ha! Sorry, Kelli! 😜

Anyway, as I was working out, my #chefinthemaking was busy in the kitchen...and when I walked in the back door, drentched in sweat and moaning pitifully, the smells hit me.

Wow. Just wow, wife.

Kale and Brussels sprout salad (with sweet potato, candied walnuts, and tahini dressing).

Farro risotto with thyme, lemon, and Parmesan.

For at least 30 minutes, I totally forgot how sore I was.