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Vacation Aftermath/sharing thoughts

Hey guys! Finally i came back from Vacation

I had a good time, i ate more generally, with protein on point, but i ate more carbs than usual(breads, souvlaki) and lots of ice cream and no working out for 7 days.

I must say, i feel very bloated, my stomach hurts a lot, my body feels more soft and my muscles feel jigglier, i guess the water retention smacked me in the face.

The most important Lesson:

I have posted here few times that i feel demotivated and not seeing results etc etc but... Hell no! I finally understood how good is working out, how good feels eating healthy and how much the body needs these HIIT no-breath sessions with strenght.

I know that many of us feel most of the time demotivated, sad for not seeing results faster, not having the perfect body like others, BUT don't give up! Fitness it's vital to sustain quality of life and youth. It's like see with clear vision through the fog

I struggle a lot with my depression, self body image issues, cellulite, obsession to drop body fat (and i'm normal weight) and i do believe with time and hard work it will eventually come together! I want to believe that i will built my leg muscles even if it takes 3 years! I will work hard!

I wish i had better words to describe what i'm thinking but i'm so tired from my trip back and i wanted to share my thoughts in a raw way!

And lastly (i promise)i wanted to say big thanks to this community for helping all of us in these desperate times, and i appreciate that we all help each other with kindness and understanding!

FB community for ever!