Taco Party

So we had tacos for dinner on yesterday. Originally I plan to make turkey tacos with avocado, but I forgot the avocado at the store. I also snag some peppercorn marinated pork tenderloin on sale at the grocery store so the plan was to make two types of tacos. I also made black beans because you can't have tacos without beans around here. We also have a habit of searing are tacos in a little bit of oil so that the cheese melts. So they kind of end up being more like a quesadilla. Anyway, we had turkey ground tacos with Mexican blend cheese, and pork tenderloin tacos with cheddar cheese. As an afterthought, I discovered some chicken tenderloin in the refrigerator from the day before and through that in a few as well. Great thing about making so many tacos is that I didn't have to cook today because we have plenty of leftovers!