Update of my health + weekly summary


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who gave me some valuable suggestions in previous post regarding my falling sick after a period of regular workout.


I took a back seat this week to evaluate my situation, specifically what's going wrong in all these regularities. I found (with help from all of you) few points:

- Sleep: oh yes! It was always a problem, still is, and I may have to deal with rest of my life. I am 35 years old now. If I have to be honest with you guys without going to details, it's a situation of 23+ years of PTSD. Yes, #metoo.... However, I am much much better now. Thanks to almighty and support of my lovely husband :)

- Food: again let's be honest, I am a foodie. I am not into junk food, I don't drink soda or take extra sugar. But I love to eat large healthy meal. In fact that's the main reason that I decided to lose last 5kg plus wanted to build some muscles so that I can eat 1800-2000calories/day without getting worried of gaining weight. But last 5 weeks I was in deficit of 700-800cal/day. I guess my foodie mind didn't take it well and it puts a toll on my health.

Now, let's come to the solution/path towards solution. As I said sleeping is a part of a bigger problem. But I am trying as much as I can. I realized sharing with people helps me, that's the reason I wrote here, even briefly. For food, this week I am on holidays at my sister's. She is cooking and I am eating without any thought of calories. It's helping, she is a great cook! I am also playing a lot with my 1.5 years old niece, it's a great stress relief. On Monday I am flying to Rome for few days to have fun with friends. Guess I earned it after a difficult period!

I was planning to take the whole week off. But after two full day of bed rest and eating well, I felt better. So I managed to do 2 fitness blender workouts and 2 jogging sessions. Everything was in moderate intensity. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will do some yoga as well.

That's all for this week. Thanks for bearing with me πŸ™πŸ½