FB Taco Party - You say taco, I say empanada:)

Baked empanada with turkey taco meat, sans cheese. Served with 4 bean & sweet corn salad. Guac, salsa, & plain Greek yogurt on the side. I like to use the yogurt/flour dough rolled thin between parchment. These two I think were from an extra pie crust I had in the freezer.

This party reminded me of my husband :)

My husband’s mother is from Mexico. I still remember the first time he served me authentic tacos. It was madness - no ground beef, no shredded lettuce, no chopped tomatoes, no cheese (gasp), no sour cream or guac, no flour tortilla.! The taco was 2 pan fried corn tortillas stuffed with sliced meat, a handful of chopped cilantro, raw white onion and a lime wedge on the side; it was alien 👽 It also happenend to be the best damn taco I’ve ever had, couldn’t believe it. Later, I found out the meat was actually goat. 😲