A personal message

I have a few personal issues to discuss.

I am a Christian, but have free will like anybody else.

Here it goes ...

I have been interviewing for jobs in my field of study since October 2016, (I graduated December 2017), and nothing has panned out. I have actually lost track of how many resumes I have sent to various employers. I have had numerous interviews though.

Though I know I should not base my self worth on whether or not

I am employed, I still suffer from feelings of inadequacy.

I have depression and anxiety on top of this, and am also missing my mother 😕

Also, I was inadvertently subjected to sexual material starting from a young age, which has not been a good thing. I am saving myself for marriage, but struggle with sexual temptation and sin. Obviously, as states above, I have free will. However, these feelings run deep 😢 I have cried almost every night for the past couple of months. I am sure some of the medications I take for respiratory issues do not help; however, that is no excuse.

Guys are not the only ones who struggle with sexual temptation!

Does anybody suffer from any of the above? Any tips on how to overcome these battles?

Any input would be greatly appreciated 💕

Thank you so much FB community.