FB taco party - improvisation

I went to pick up some food to make for dinner tonight and spotted stand and stuff tortillas and immediately remembered the taco party. I hadn’t tried these before but they are really good.

So then for the filling, I though I’ll use some chicken breast I had in the fridge and buy some avocado etc. Then they didn’t have any avocado or guacamole! I saw hummus and thought hmmmm... So decided on Mediterranean inspired tacos.

Then I got home and the chicken breast was off so I defrosted some turkey mince in the microwave and used that. Haha what a mission!

This is stand and stuff tortillas filled with turkey mince cooked with taco seasoning and chopped fresh tomatoes. It’s topped with semi dried tomatoes, marinated artichokes, mozzarella balls, hummus, paprika and chopped basil. Turned out really good - I think I would make it again!