Sugar Detox - Before and After

Hey everyone!

I want to start by saying that posting these pictures is not easy for me. Although I'm starting to get more and more confident in my body, my weight has always been an issue for me. I know that I'm not overweight or even "fat" but that's exactly what a distorted self-view, which I'm trying to overcome, makes you think.

Talking about struggles, especially in the field of fitness, is rare but important. Although I finished those 30 days of not eating anything sugary without slipping up, I am still struggling with discipline. For sure, the people around me arent't helping sometimes ("Are you sure you don't want a cookie? Come on, it's just one cookie, it won't ruin your diet!") but I don't want to put the blame on them. It's something I'm still working on, which is why I want to continue with the detox.

Also, my results are amazing! I think the pictures don't show a massive change, but I took my measurements and I lost 2,7kg and a total of 20,5cm!! I am soooo happy about these results (well, not happy that my favourite shorts are starting to get loose), so I can't thank EJ enough for initiating the challenge and of course everyone who participated for the motivation and for keeping each other accountable.

Once I've finished Flex for the second time (see that little definition in my shoulder? Thank you, FB Flex!!), I'll start Abs Round 2, and I can't wait to see how much my body will change once I add in more HIIT!

Again, thanks to everyone involved in this challenge, and to everyone who managed to read this entire essay. :P

PS: Yes, those are tan lines from the aforementioned favourite shorts...