Sugar Detox results! Physical and mental — 67 days 😱

⚠️*Long post ahead* 🗣🗯

After 67 days without sweets (whoa, did not even realize I went over by a week!, but I did continue even in the days before I extended invitation to FB) and careful consideration of sugar content in my foods, these are my results. Obviously, I am not a very large person in my before — but I was definitely overweight and had a lot of fat on my body, even though my frame is naturally smaller. In fact, much of the fat I carried in my waist, especially my lower abdomen. 😱 I had a tire sitting in my lower abdomen and waist and it has been a source of annoyance for me as a bit of it still remains. Lolol.

*A note about the top photo, top R — the waist of these pants is now a bit loose and there is some wrinkling which sort of makes my waist look thicker than it is, in this photo but 🤷🏽‍♀️ Carry on! 😄

I have shed a total of 8.3 inches from my body and lowered my body fat from 30.3% - 27.6% 😲 I’ve also lost 3.5 pounds, I suppose, but this number is pretty inconsistent so I don’t pay much attention to it and don’t weigh myself often.

Here are my measurements 🙂

Waist 30” -> 28”

Bust 37” -> 36”

Hips 42” -> 41.2”

Arms 13” -> 12”

Legs 25.6/26” -> 24.5”

These are not exponential results for 67 days, maybe, but slow and steady has been the strategy for me. Consistent workouts, consistent eating well. I am realizing it is a loooong journey when you’re on the sustainability, and muscle-bundling- route. I remember years ago I would lose weight quickly and be super strict and disciplined, but I had not developed any skills or taken in enough knowledge for taking of myself so that I always regressed. This process is so slow. I want muscles and I want them now!!! Lol. But, I must be content with the little hints of muscle all over and the slightly lifted derrière all while telling myself “just keep going”🤷🏽‍♀️

I am incredibly proud of myself. I can’t believe how far I’ve come mentally and physically. There’s no way I can stop now — I have worked too hard! And, I know there’s nothing for me, behind me. So, I keep looking ahead. 👁👁

Some of you are curious what I’ll be indulging in post challenge. Like Liz commented yesterday, I honestly have no appetite for anything right now. Last night I went to a gathering and there were store-bought oatmeal cookies, m&m cookies, annnnd tarts from La Madeleine cafe. I personally LOVE oatmeal cookies and I thought “Well, I COULD have one. My challenge is over 🤷🏽‍♀️ But, why? You don’t even want it, why eat it just ‘cause you can?” Then, I perused the tarts and they looked DELISH. But, again, I thought “You don’t even want it, why eat it? Why waste an indulgence on this?” For me, this was the solidification and validation of this challenge. Thissss is the mindset I meant to achieve. And I am blown away at my own mental transformation! 67 days ago there’s no way I would have left that gathering without eating several cookies and a couple tarts... and taking more cookies to go (there were plenty left over).

In conclusion of this very last post for the sugar detox 😭 I want to say it’s been an honor leading you all through this challenge. I am grateful for every one of you who participated either through reading my posts, taking on the detox and sharing your journey, or just stopping by to chat even if you didn’t take the challenge. I look forward to getting to know y’all more 💛