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FB Meal Plan - with a lot of modifications (allergies and more)

Today, I began to use FB's meal plan, and I absolutly love it and think it was worth it!!!! As I have a LOT of modfications to do, I just wanna share with you guys a little of what I've been planning to do (Since I know that many people migh have doubts about to buy or not if not able to follow it to the letter).

So, I had to modify;

-> I breastfeed an allergic baby, so I can't eat: any dairy, eggs, soy and gluten (neither food that has been processed in the same machines, etc).

-> Make it "lowcarbish": Just personal preference for years.

-> Price: some of the itens are quite expensive in my country, so I'm gonna use more affordable ingredients.

So, how I do it:

-> Instead of eggs, I usually go with some kind of grounded meat, or chicken, or even just veggetables, depending on my mood.

Instead of milk I use almond milk, and instead of Iougurt I use a homemade coconut "Iogurt" (coconut milk + chia).

-> I don't eat grains, so instead of rice, pasta or corn I use chickpeas or azuki beans. And instead of tortillas or other kind of breads I use lettuce, or nothing (and just eat the other stuff). I usually pick fruits witha little lower fructose content that I like (berries in general, peachs, plums..)

-> Sometimes, I also use natural, unflavored gelatin (if it is a smoothie, or overnight oats...) to compensate the protein I lack of the eggs (when I just eat vegetable instead of eggs).

I TRY to follow the 1600kcal plan, tho with my mods, it's hard to calculate (I do NOT calculate it piece by piece, it's not a good mindset for me), but I problably stay in the 1500 - 2300 kcal a day, with is good to me (since I'm small, but I do breastfeed all day, and workout).

So, all in all, it might seem that the plan was not worth it because I change it too much, but I 100% think it was.

1 - It gave me a lot of new ideas for eating well, with variety, and really healthy.

2 - With the menu for the days, and the amounts suggested, even if I change something up, I have a good IDEA of how much I'm really eating (I think I was eating much more calories than I thought before).

3 - Having a plan, really help me to avoid overeating, and snacking all the time.