Who else is a fan of Italian cuisine?

One thing I learned about while living in that beautiful country is their delicious Mediterranean cuisine! It's true that at times Italians can go overboard with pasta, pizza and olive oil consumption, but still it is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

Today I made this pretty quick dish called "pasta con zucchine, gamberetti e panna"- zucchini and shrimps pasta. I traded the panna of original recipe for a little bit of milk to make it lighter. Also used whole wheat farfalle that Italians will usually never do! 😂 15-20 minutes to prepare, all healthy and delicious! Viva la cucina Italiana! 🇮🇹

P.S. My knees and back went worse, so I decided to stop fibfit r2 for few days. But at least I can eat healthy! #eatrealfood