FB30 round 1 - Done - First time going through

Hey everyone,

So I'm not very active on these forums, because well time is lacking for me, but I figured Id bring in some motivation for all.

A little background story, about 5 years ago I was diagnosed with : major depression, general anxiety, borderline personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder and dermatillomania.

Ive had an eating disorder since I was a teen, id skip meals or only eat supper (dinner) , after my diagnosis It turned around and I started to eat for all the years I missed out on. All in all, I went up to 215 lbs at the age of 28. In march of this year I started working at a gym (I was down to 200 lbs by then), with the help of some kinesiologist and lots of motivation from people all around I decided to give the losing weight another go. I'm an entrepreneur, so I needed to do this for myself.

Well I finished my first round of FB30 and I'm really proud of myself, my mental strength is better and I've never had so much control of my life. I eat gluten & lactose free now as well (to the best of my abilities habits are hard to kill with food) I've Some pictures to help you see where I started in at the end of june and where i'm at today.

Be proud of yourself for accomplishing stuff, you all deserve it.