Need some help here!

Hello i need some serious help , so i thought if any one of you or admin could help me , i am 24 years old and working out with fitness blender heartily for six months i usually do workouts in 3 or 4 difficulty range out of 5 and i have lost 11 kg, but before 3 months ago after eating a meal my stomach becomes full but my mouth has that strange feeling like i i don't have eat at all at first its a slight feeling but after 1 month its got strong and i feel hungry all the time but its not my stomach my stomach is full every time i eats my meal its just my mouth has never a satisfied feeling at first i ate more thought that i am hungry but this feeling had not gone and i feel even more weird so i stop eating more. before one month ago i just fainted suddenly so my family thoughts its because of exercising so i quit working out for some time but (quitting exercise) makes no progress or good effects on this situation. so after sometime i starts working out again but in a short manner of time like 30 to 35 minutes. I want to admit that exercise really makes me feels great about myself and feeling towards my body also i have got very positive thoughts that i had not before all my life despite all those problems so yes i do consult a doctor and he said that its because of my digestive system and i have improvement in half of my disease. at first there's been a salty water and salt taste in my mouth all the time but after taking medications it has gone and i am not feeling hungry all the time anymore also i change my diet including more healthy things but still i have got some strange taste and water after i ate something whenever i ate some thing there's just weird hasty feeling and never satisfied feeling in my mouth and its just not ending , i have never been very much into food all my life i have been eating clean for my whole life but right now i am in a very grave pain its like i am losing my self i also have strange thoughts coming in my mind all the time sometimes ,just because of what my mouth feels i loses my temper and sometimes feeling very sad because of this state, also i don't want to quit working-out if any of you guys knows something in this matter please do some help.