Progress, not perfection.

I’ve had a rough week or two. I’ve been doing really well at stopping the self hate talk, until these last two weeks. I’ve felt discouraged at my slow, almost unnoticeable results.

I joined fitness blender almost a year ago. I’ve been in a long battle with weight- it’s in my genes. And jeans, haha. But when 2018 rolled in, my resolution was less hate, more love, specially to me.

Anyway, I’m rambling. I took a before pic before my first FB program. 3 or 4 programs later, here I am. I took a photo today and put it side by side, hoping to see some progress and jolt my brain back into self love mode. It helped. I’m still annoyed at how much my pants don’t fit- I don’t get it!? I’m getting bigger?!? But am trying to focus on my more toned back/belly. I’m trying to focus on my strength- I’m strong! Any tips you have for shutting down the hate talk is appreciated.

Thanks for letting me share my story! I’ll keep plugging away and remind myself this is a long journey.