Calorie-counters: How do you calculate home-made meals, or do you just do a rough estimate?


I want to keep closer tabs on the amount of calories I’m consuming each day. I don’t intend to do this long-term necessarily, but just want to keep a better eye on things around the holidays ;) It’s easy for me to calculate precisely for breakfast and lunch most days since I have egg whites, GF toast and salads most of the time. Snacks are easy, too. But do you guys really go through and look up every single ingredient you use in your home-cooking for recipes? I cook for my SO and I at least 4 nights a week, so this seems a little tedious! I’d love to know how you all do this. I’m almost considering just calculating everything else throughout the day and then making sure I’ve allotted at least 500 calories left for dinner. Most of what I cook is pretty whole-foods based, so maybe that’s enough? Thanks for any input!!