Knee diagnosis - Time for some TLC!


So, I had mentioned that I had some knee problems, and thanks to some suggestions (Yes, Andrew, I'm looking at you), I made an appointment almost right away and got it checked out yesterday. Apparently, I have some common knee problem that happens among young, female, athletes (particularly runners) called patellofemoral pain syndrome aka Runner's knee (funny because I'm not a runner!) But of course, HIIT has just as much impact, and maybe I just pushed myself too hard in strength training.

The point is, I am pretty sure I got it detected early because I am not in pain or anything, just occasional discomfort. So I have a therapy appointment to see what core strengthening I can do for my muscles. What does that mean? Super modification! No more HIIT or heavy lifting for legs. I'm focusing on upper body strength and core, as well as toning and strength conditioning for the legs, and some low-impact cardio/HIIT. And yoga.

So here's to some TLC so that I can DESTROY my workout mat sooner rather than later!

If anyone here has had this problem and wants to share what they did to get better quicker or any professional advice they got for rehabilitation/prevention, do leave a comment! My appointment is only next week, but I always love to hear various opinions and personal experiences.

As always, thanks for reading my medical rants :P Hope everyone is having an awesome week!!!