Too much Fat? (Macros)


I eat clean for more than a month now, and log everything. I notice that my average macros per week r like:

Carbs: 40 / Fat: 40 / Prot: 20

Too many foods i eat feel healthy but have too many fats? Is this bad? Should i try reduce the fats and up the protein? Or at least start paying more attention to how much fat each food has? So i can start having some sort of abstract plan in my head without counting to detail.

I actually was surfing the web about macros and decided i should try something like Carbs: 30, Fat: 20, Prot: 50 but after i looked at my macros it seems i need a huge change to get there. And maybe i shouldn't?

(I'm trying to lose some weight (5-7kg) - my body generally makes visible muscles very easily and my skin/body generally feels THICK even with excess weight.)