Fighting my inner demons


Hello, everyone!

I’m usually the one who writes mostly encouraging and positive posts but there are times when we all feel the other way round because life happens. I just felt I needed someone to share this with since you all are always supportive and lift each other up. I just love this community so much! I always come here when I feel down to find something to get me back if it makes sense, haha.

So far, this year has been the most stressful one I’ve ever had in my life. I quit my job because I was not happy with it, I lost my best buddy, family member, my personal trainer and helper and my most favourite creature in this world – my dog Ben. We basically grew up together and it was the hardest thing ever as he died in my arms (heart failure) and I still haven’t fully recovered from it. I had state exams coming which I passed, but it was a challenge and a really stressful one, I have a hard time coping with this type of stress. Some personal stuff happened too and it was all just too much happening at the same time and I had to get a professional help. There was, however, one thing that kept me stable and sane and it was FitnessBlender. I love how D&K always say “go to your happy place” when doing a hard exercise but little do they know that the workout itself is that “happy place”. Time stops and I can forget everything that holds me back or drags me down at least for those 30-50 minutes. What I wanted to say is the fact that exercising is very beneficial not only for your physical but also for your mental health. And I’m grateful I have discovered FB and became a part of this awesome community.

Thank you, Daniel and Kelli for making this project happen and thank you all for being so kind and genuine. It's so nice to see that in this world full of negative stuff there are people like you that are nice to each other, it always reminds me that there are good things too and it keeps me going.

THANK YOU ALL for being you - so strong and positive! ♥