Going through major setback, however...

I officially started my workout routine 2 months ago, I remember being so determined to fulfill my goal of being fit.

I haven't continued my routine for the past couple of weeks, I've had such massive blues that exercising wasn't one of my priotities anymore. I tried to continue, but I got tired and out of breath quickly.

Lots of introspective came along the way, though.

I realized that I didn't really enjoyed what I was doing, on the next day I was in a very horrible mood. I always had to force myself to do it,


I set up standards way too high for me. I put myself in a routine that was too advanced, hence why it was impossible for me to do certain workouts or didn't complete a routine because my body just couldn't handle it.

Heck, I was even going to do HIIT workouts. What was I even thinking? I'm not yet qualified for that level of intensity.

I guess I was too ambitous to understand that being fit takes a very long time and you have to be slow and not jump from one thing to another.

So I decided to change my plan: sticking to a beginner/low impact routine until I'm strong enough to switch to the more challenging stuff. I'm clearly not a fit person to begin with.

Mistakes like this happens, why not starting over?