DAY 17 Sugar Detox: Building strategy for reintroducing sweets into my diet post challenge

As of late, I’ve almost forgotten I’m doing this challenge because I’ve become used to living without sweets. I’ve received some negative feedback about this challenge and my endeavor to eliminate sugar — for reasons that make no sense (to me, logically) — but I’m thrilled that despite what was prophesied to have happened, I am at 54 days success and have actually mastered my mind and urges (and continue to do so because cake will never NOT look good). In my brain, I have cut off sugar’s control on my mind and body. Now, I’ve begun to strategize how I’ll re-introduce sweets into my life once this challenge is over (I’m shooting for 90 days!)

The first topic that has arisen is portion control — American portions are huge and just because I will be inviting sweets into my life again, doesn’t mean I have to invite the same amount.

The second topic is WHAT to invite. Several of you who have mastered sugar mentioned a few posts ago that you save your indulgence for worthy sweets, like homemade!

Are there any other tips y’all would recommend for managing indulgences as a *reformed* sugar consumer? 😉 I am definitely wanting to get prepared.

Have a happy evening 😊