Advice on "letting go"?

Hello fellow blenders!

First of all, how are all of you doing? I hope August is treating you well so far! I'm kind of struggling a bit. Some of my relatives have come up to visit for a couple weeks, and although I'm thrilled to see them all, I'm also a bit uneasy as to how I can deal with the sudden changes to my routine. I've been on summer break since early May, and throughout these past few months I've cooked nearly all of my meals (except for going out to eat twice) and have managed to work out 5-6 days a week. I know in the upcoming time that they're here my schedule will be off and I won't have the same control over my food or exercise schedule that I'm used to. We'll be going out to eat, having barbecues, going out on daytrips, etc. I'm excited for this, but I'm also really nervous and stressed about it, which is really quite disheartening.

I know that one week of not eating the healthiest and exercising as much really won't do me much harm, but no matter how much I repeat this sentiment to myself, I still feel so anxious. I made a list of goals for this week back on Sunday and "letting go" and being more spontaneous without freaking out was one of them, but it seems like although the week as barely started, I'm already not off to the best start. Part of me just wants to take the week off of strenuous workouts altogether (as I haven't taken a week off since I began with FB in early March) and the other part is telling me to squeeze in workouts whenever I can.

I know that this anxiety isn't normal and that it can't be fixed overnight, but I would really appreciate any tips that any of you may have used to combat this problem on your own. How can I go out to eat and pick what I want instead of just what seems to be the healthiest option? How can I take an unscheduled rest day without feeling like I'll gain ten pounds? I absolutely don't want to be a grumpy, stressed, frazzled mess while I spend time with my loved ones, and I don't want to miss out on fun things because I can't handle the fact that I can't always be in control of everything. Any advice?

Thanks in advance!