DAY 16 Sugar Detox: Is everything sweeter in America?

Here in America, we are ridiculously creative with sugar. I do not know yet whether this is something to be proud of — I’m majorly conflicted. I have an admiration for innovation, but I am heavily against the enabling of sugar addiction.

Here is an article about the most over-the-top desserts in America. I’m sorry in advance if this creates cravings. 😱


My own experience with desserts from other cultures is that they are rarely sweet enough for this overly indulgent American 🙈. Have y’all had this experience? I’m so curious as to the role of sugar and sweets in other cultures as it seems they are more balanced than the US. For example, in Europe, McDonald’s is held to a completely different caloric and quality standard than in the States. It seems like Americans will just eat anything and lots of it! 😂 And, I have been one of them!

This is a rather abstract observation and analysis, but I’m curious to get your thoughts! Especially those of you who live in other countries 😊

Hope your day has been victorious!