Half way through Fbabs r2

It's my first structured workout program in last 6 months!

I have had consistency issue due to various reasons: continuous traveling for work, marriage, etc are to name a few. Finally hit rock bottom when my scale said that I am 65.5 kg (144lb). I am just 160cm (5'3''). I haven't been that heavy in last 4 years! Currently I am doing #FbAbs r2 but sometimes changing workout videos if I don't like them.

The pictures are two weeks apart. I reluctantly took the "after" photo this morning and was surprised! It's just 1 kg difference! Maybe it is just a better angle, or I am not bloated, or I finally learnt how to stand with a better posture. Whatever is the reason, it just gave me the boost I needed to continue exercising during this heat wave.

I am working out with you guys for some years now. The journey is ongoing, the struggle of consistency is always there, the hurt psychology due to years of experience of body shaming is real; but I just want to keep swimming! :)

Have a great Sunday #fbfamily